In today's era of complex crop management decisions, Agtegra Agronomists use technology to apply crop production expertise to your unique operation to help you achieve the best yield possible.


Farmers Union and Farm Safety Camp in Aberdeen
Date: 7/18/2019, 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Location: Brown County Fairgrounds (rain or shine)
Summary: Children ages 6-13 are invited to attend this FREE event!
  • Cooperative Education and Games
  • Agricultural Safety Activities: 
    • ATV
    • First Aid Training
    • Fire Safety
    • Machinery Safety
    • Electrical Safety
    • Grain Bin Safety
    • Livestock Safety
  • 4-H Craft
  • Farmers Union Activities
  • Water Games

South Dakota Soil Health Zone School
Date: 8/6/2019, 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location: Hohm Farms
40783 195th Street
Yale, SD 57386

Attend South Dakota Soil Health Zone School on August 6
Sponsored by: Environmental Tillage Systems

Innovation FieldFest
Date: 9/5/2019, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
September 5, 2019
More Details to Come!


Agtegra agronomists apply their crop production expertise to your unique operation to improve production, yield potential, and manage pests and weeds. They can also assist in managing environmental impact and conservation practices by using our precision ag tools.
Agtegra Cooperative’s seed, fertilizer and crop protection products are specifically designed for the farm country served in our cooperative area.



In today’s era of complex crop management decisions, Agtegra's custom agronomy resources and personalized service can make a big difference in your production.

From aerial application to strip till variable rate application, we've got you covered.


protect your nitrogen investment

As we enter into in-season nitrogen application Agtegra will be offering October 15th financing on fertilizer applications made with Remain or Agrotain Advanced treated product. 

top profit offers

Jumpstart your spring season with our Top Profits offer on corn or soybeans! Take advantage of special pricing and deferred payment terms while improving plant health, controlling diseases and preserving green plant tissue - all which lead to high yields and top profits!


spring aerial burndown

We can service acres that are unable to be currently serviced by ground application due to field conditions. We're offering  a spring aerial burndown program for fields that will be planted to corn or soybeans. 


agtegra-calyxt soybean offering

Want to earn up to two dollars per bushel MORE for your beans?
Agtegra Cooperative now offers Calyxt soybeans. These 1.9 maturity soybeans are a high-oleic,non-GMO variety with identity preserved premiums available over the Chicago Board of Trade price!  Agtegra also has harvest delivery options available for your production in St. Lawrence and Kennebec, South Dakota. For more information talk to your Agtegra Agronomist today!

Producer Premium Program:

  • High-oleic has a higher premium over regular non-GMO soybeans
  • Earn $.40 to $.85 per bushel over CBOT price
  • Identity preserved high oleic soybean production
  • Entire production volume will be purchased with a premium over CBOT price

legacy rich. future focused.

Boekelheide and Sons is a fourth-generation farming operation, growing corn and soybeans in the Northville area of Spink County. Alex Boekelheide is the latest member of his family to farm, working alongside his father Mark after graduating from Lake Area Tech. Precision agriculture has played an increasingly important role in their operation, especially over the last six years, with the additions of Ag Leader, and MZB from Agtegra.
“They’ve helped us take our operation to the next level,” Alex says. “On our farm, accuracy and precision are the top priorities, and they’re always on the cutting edge of technology. It’s not just what’s the latest and greatest, but what can genuinely help you improve your bottom line so we can do the best job we can across every acre.”
“One of the great things about working with the Agtegra precision ag team is that they’re always focused on trying to bring value to your operation,” Alex says. “They’re not just selling you a product. They’re looking for ways to help us be more successful. It’s nice having a team like that to work with. The support and the knowledge from the team at the Innovation Center are crucial for us to reach our goals.”

Agtegra Coop Members


Our fleet of aerial application equipment provides precision spraying and spreading accuracy during any application window. Nutrients, fungicides and other late-season products protect your investment and ensure maximum yield potential.

Based in Highmore, Harrold, Huron, Clark and Webster, our skilled pilot applicators are available across the Agtegra countryside to complement our ground services.

For more information, contact:
Craig Bair (605) 850-4729
Heath Kretschmar (605) 933-0399
Aerial Application
Prescription Agronomics


Prescription Agronomics was developed to help producers with problem soils and low yielding fields improve their yields economically. Using prescription fertility products, Agtegra Agronomists can provide timely crop nutrient solutions for optimum crop nutrition, including starter fertilizers, nitrogen blends, and foliar blends. Contact your Agtegra Agronomist for more information.

Starter products including:
  •  8-20-5-4S.5Zn - A superior corn starter fertilizer. Liquid starter fertilizer applications have been effective in enhancing nutrient uptake, even on soils testing high in available nutrients. Increasing nutrients can raise the yield and quality of your grain crops.

  •  7-23-4-1S.25ZN - A high quality liquid fertilizer that is designedto deliver the appropriate amount of nutrients to get row crops (corn, soybeans, sunflowers, etc.) off to a healthy start, while ensuring seed safety.


In today’s era of complex crop management decisions, Agtegra's custom agronomy resources and personalized service can make a big difference.

Our agronomists apply their crop production expertise to your unique operation to help you improve production, yield potential and manage pests and weeds. They can also help you manage environmental impact and conservation practices.

Additionally, Agtegra's seed, custom application and crop protection services are specifically designed for the farm country served in our cooperative area.

It’s all about helping you achieve the best harvest possible.