Agtegra agronomists apply their crop production expertise to your unique operation to improve production, yield potential, and manage pests and weeds. They can also assist in managing environmental impact and conservation practices by using our precision ag tools.
Agtegra Cooperative’s seed, fertilizer and crop protection products are specifically designed for the farm country served in our cooperative area.



In today’s era of complex crop management decisions, Agtegra's custom agronomy resources and personalized service can make a big difference in your production.

From aerial application to strip till variable rate application, we've got you covered.



Ag Technology has many names and descriptions. Here at Agtegra, it means understanding your fields, managing the nutrient life-cycle, highlighting problem areas, and setting and achieving goals for yield and return on investment. Here is our approach:
Zone-Based Data Insights
We begin by custom mapping a field using a proprietary data logging system called MZB (for Multi-Zone-Based). We segment your field into five layers and break down your field data into management zones, grids or both. Then we track variables like elevation, soil properties, nutrient holding capacities and more to identify both challenges and opportunities.
Real-Time Satellite Imagery
Once we have collected your zone-based field data, we combine that with satellite imagery (using WinField United’s R7 tool) to provide real-time field insights throughout the growing season. That allows us to pair the right inputs with the right technology to maximize return on investment for every field.
Field-Based Management
Every field is unique, but with our approach to using Ag Technology, we provide the opportunity to achieve your yield goals and maximize your return on investment for every field. Our agronomists, precision ag specialists and agronomy technology sales leads work with you to pinpoint the right technology and equipment for your needs and production expectations, ensuring you get the most out of every acre. 

From Mapping, Sampling, Scouting And Variable Rate Applications To Yield Analysis, Management Zone Creation And Traceability, Agtegra Has You Covered.

MZB is the most economical program when it comes to precision agriculture. This multi-layer approach provides more precise data than a traditional one-layer system. More than that, it allows users to identify yield-limiting factors and make smarter decisions on where to invest inputs to maximize yield and minimize wasted input dollars.
With today's precision farming technologies, it's possible to plant different seed populations, apply different fertilizers and nutrients at varying rates, and even plant different hybrids/varieties within the same field - all based on each field management zone's unique characteristics.

The results of doing this effectively? More efficient use of inputs. Better yield potential. Higher profitability.

Learn If MZB is Right For You

Implementing the many Ag Technologies available today is challenging. From choosing among the many options available, to getting them installed correctly to having them function effectively – these are among the many specialized skills of the Precision Technology Specialists at the Agtegra Innovation Center.
The team of experts at the Innovation Center provide equipment upgrades, parts and on-farm service and support to keep your operation running strong at all hours of the day and night. At the Innovation Center, our technicians don’t just provide parts and service – they care about you and your operation. They give you everything you need, at any hour of the day, to keep you running from planting to harvest…and every hour in between.
The Agtegra Innovation Center’s precision ag hardware and support services include: 

  • On-site consultation for equipment and product usage insight
  • Precision Management with whole farm technology integration
  • Sales, installation, service, and support of precision ag products and operations
  • Data retrieval and analysis
  • Map printing
  • Product demonstrations
  • New product and services training


Our fleet of aerial application equipment provides precision spraying and spreading accuracy during any application window. Nutrients, fungicides and other late-season products protect your investment and ensure maximum yield potential.

Based in Highmore, Harrold, Huron, Clark and Webster, our skilled pilot applicators are available across the Agtegra countryside to complement our ground services.

For more information, contact you local agronomist.
Aerial Application

Test Plots

Every year, Agtegra conducts a variety of test plot trials throughout our growing area. This gives members the opportunity to compare different varieties, traits and crop production practices from year to year.
Prescription Agronomics


Prescription AgronomicsTM was developed to help producers with problem soils and low yielding fields improve their yields economically. Using prescription fertility products, Agtegra Agronomists can provide timely crop nutrient solutions for optimum crop nutrition, including starter fertilizers, nitrogen blends, and foliar blends. Contact your Agtegra Agronomist for more information.

Starter products including:
  •  8-20-5-4S.5Zn - A superior corn starter fertilizer. Liquid starter fertilizer applications have been effective in enhancing nutrient uptake, even on soils testing high in available nutrients. Increasing nutrients can raise the yield and quality of your grain crops.
  •  7-23-4-1S.25ZN - A high quality liquid fertilizer that is designedto deliver the appropriate amount of nutrients to get row crops (corn, soybeans, sunflowers, etc.) off to a healthy start, while ensuring seed safety.


In today’s era of complex crop management decisions, Agtegra's custom agronomy resources and personalized service can make a big difference.

Our agronomists apply their crop production expertise to your unique operation to help you improve production, yield potential and manage pests and weeds. They can also help you manage environmental impact and conservation practices.

Additionally, Agtegra's seed, custom application and crop protection services are specifically designed for the farm country served in our cooperative area.

It’s all about helping you achieve the best harvest possible.