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There are several ways you can get started with Agtegra fuel or propane. Your local Agtegra location can help or contact the Fuel or Propane departments directly. 

Agtegra Fuel Department
Agtegra Fuel business provides petroleum and energy products and services to keep Agtegra Country running without interruption. Convenience and customer service are the hallmarks of our commitment to


The Agtegra Fuel business provides petroleum and energy products and services to keep Agtegra Country running without interruption. Convenience and customer service are the hallmarks of our commitment to serve our customers.
We offer several fuel options, from diesel fuel and gas blends to propane. You can buy your fuel in bulk, arrange for automatic delivery, or fill your vehicle at one of our locations.
In addition, we are an authorized dealer for many brands of trailers and trailer accessories and have partner relationships that can help you find what you need for your operation.

Agtegra Fuel Products

When it comes to refined fuels, we help our customers make informed energy decisions carefully sized to their needs.
With our state-of-the-industry electronic tank monitoring capability, your fuel tanks can be automatically refilled once they drop below your predetermined level. 

With our delivery trucks strategically located throughout our trade area and our automated delivery system, you can stay productive and minimize downtime. No more checking tanks or calling in orders.
Agtegra proudly sells Cenex® premium diesel fuels. Talk to us about the Cenex Total Protection Plan® (TPP) when you use Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® premium diesel and Cenex lubricants exclusively and earn up to 10 years or 10,000 hours of engine and transmission coverage.



Bulk Propane

We offer our customers bulk propane. Plus, a complete line of heating and cooling products and solutions, including gas furnaces, in-floor heating, geothermal and conventional heat pumps, fireplaces, air conditioners, and traditional and tankless water heaters.
We have tank rentals available from 125-gallon to 1,000-gallon tanks and can service large bulk tanks for grain-drying operations and also supply transport loads of propane. 

For a free estimate or to schedule a service call or propane delivery, call your local propane office.
Aberdeen: (605) 225-6383
Britton: (605) 846-1095
Chamberlain:  (605) 234-4230
Corsica: (605) 846-1450
Huron: (605) 352-4390
Oakes, ND: (701) 658-2204
Pollock: (605) 846-1444
Selby: (605) 846-1619



Bulk Product Delivery
Take advantage of our bulk delivery option. If you’d like more information on how bulk delivery can benefit you, contact us at (605) 725-8580.
Bulk Oil Tanks
In order to take advantage of our best pricing, bulk delivery can be a key benefit. If you need to install bulk oil tanks, let us know and we will quote you a price for the tank and installation.
Tank Moving
As production operations change over time, we are often called to assist with moving storage tanks to new, preferred locations. Contact us for more information.

Delivery and Billing Options

We offer our customers a variety of billing options to help meet their needs for convenience and affordability.

Automated Delivery
Automated delivery means increased productivity for you. No more checking tanks, calling in orders, or waiting on delivery. Using electronic tank monitoring, fuel tanks will be automatically refilled using our fuel delivery system. When the fuel drops below your predetermined level, the monitor sends a signal to our fuel distribution center. The nearest delivery truck is then routed to your location. It's similar to how you handle your electricity usage.

Consumption Billing
Through consumption billing, you only pay for the fuel you actually use each month. Our growing base of customers who use our automated delivery and consumption billing system say they would never go back to the 'old way' of checking tanks manually and calling in fuel orders.


Volume discounts
Discounts are based on the total storage volume of the tank, not the volume that was delivered to you. It's another advantage to this system.

Average monthly pricing
Using average monthly pricing, the price you pay for fuel is equal to the 30-day average price of fuel for the billing cycle in which you use the fuel. In these times of volatile fuel prices, it's next to impossible to out-guess the market. Average monthly pricing means you don’t have to.

Buyout your tank
If you like the current fuel price, you have the option to buy out the fuel in your tank at any time.

Fuel contracts are still available. There is no cost or fees associated with our system. You pay nothing for the monitors. We cover the expense through the money we save by delivering fuel more efficiently.