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Highmore, SD 57345



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Welcome to Highmore Agronomy

Agtegra's Highmore agronomy location offers agronomy custom application, seed treatment, dry and liquid fertilizer. The location handles 3,900 tons of dry fertilizer annually, and 330,000 gallons of liquid fertilizer annually. 

Assistant Manager: Prentice Bast               Area Manager: Josh Gorder               Region Manager: Michael Huizenga

Proudly Offering

Agronomy Services

Agtegra's Highmore agronomists apply their crop production expertise to your unique operation to help you improve production, yield potential and manage pests and weeds. 

Agtegra - Highmore Agronomy Team Members to Connect With

Have questions about the Highmore location or services? Reach out to one of our customer-facing team members below by clicking on their photo and contacting them at their listed email address.