Prescription Agronomics

18 South 4th Street
Ipswich, SD 57451



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Welcome to Prescription Agronomics

Prescription Agronomics manufacture starter fertilizer, micronutrients, slow-release nitrogen products and adjuvants. Our professionals offer a personal, hands-on approach that will help you achieve greater profits by choosing the perfect products for your fields. Prescription Agronomics manufactures over 5 million gallons of starter fertilizer and another half million gallons of other products annually. 

Prescription Agronomics has experienced tremendous growth over the past five years and in 2023, was a record year for production. Being able to produce their own ARx adjuvants locally sets Agtegra apart from our competitors.

Plant Manager: Eric Sieh                                General Manager: Jon Gilbert

Proudly Offering

ARx Products

Our line of ARx products includes starters, additives, foliar blends and adjuvants. From promoting plant growth and health to improving herbicide performance. 

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