2022 Annual Meeting Recap

Dec 23, 2022

(Aberdeen, SD) – Agtegra Cooperative held its annual member meeting on Wednesday, December 14. Management and board leaders discussed the cooperative’s performance and the vision for future growth. Agtegra also announced the results of the 2022 director and delegate election.

Fiscal Year 2022 Highlights
Agtegra Board President Rick Osterday chaired the official business meeting which covered topics including the cooperative’s financial results, messages from management, election results, recognition of two retiring directors, and proposed amendments to the bylaws.

Agtegra Chief Financial Officer Paul Forst provided a detailed overview of the 2022 fiscal year. Highlights included the year’s strong financial results, including $16.1 million local income, a strong balance sheet, and increased stakeholder equity.

Business Outlook
Agtegra CEO Jason Klootwyk reflected on major accomplishments throughout the year, including expanding locations, supporting local communities, investing in and maintaining core assets, transforming organizational culture, and emphasizing safety in the workplace. These efforts to focus on safety have resulted in 16 Governor Safety Awards and 63 GEAPS Safety Awards, demonstrating Agtegra’s commitment to a safe work environment. Furthermore, Klootwyk highlighted Agtegra’s long-range strategic plan and priorities.

Director and Delegate Elections
Several members were elected to a three-year term to the Agtegra Board of Directors or Delegate Council:

District 1:
Director: Matt Johnson, Webster, SD.
Delegates: Chad Brandt, Oakes, ND; Justin Deutsch, Pierpont, SD; Casey Nilsson, Mansfield, SD; Matthew Sperry, Bath, SD; Carson Stange, Stratford, SD.

District 2:
Director: Heather Beaner, Mellette, SD
Delegates: Mark Boekelheide, Northville, SD; Nathan Glanzer, Carpenter, SD; Randy Nelson, Carpenter, SD; Rory Troske, Turton, SD; and Eric Zell, Cavour, SD.

District 3:
Director: Kim Vanneman, Winner, SD.
Delegates: Matt Bossly, Faulkton, SD; Jerry Busch, Kennebec, SD; Liam McManus, Reliance, SD; Ronnie Prien, Stickney, SD; and Slade Roseland, Faulkton, SD.

District 4:
Director: Steve Pfeifer, McLaughlin, SD.
Delegates: Don Eberle, Strasburg, ND; Richard Fergel, Shields, ND; Andrew Hulm, Hague, ND; Candice Mizera, McLaughlin, SD; and Darin Vetch, Onaka, SD.

At-Large District:
Director: Chad Boekelheide, Northville, SD.

President Osterday also announced Jeff Messmer of Wessington Springs, SD, and Matt Micheel of Cavour, SD, as the members appointed as non-voting advisory directors on the board for 2023. He thanked members Justin Deutsch of Langford, SD, and Chad Boekelheide of Northville, SD, for their service as non-voting advisory directors on the board for 2022.

Agtegra also thanks retiring board members Mike Clements, who served over 11 years on the board, and Lance Hanson, who served over 27 years on the board. We sincerely appreciate their dedication and contributions to the Agtegra community throughout the year and thank them for their active role in making decisions and supporting the cooperative’s future direction.

At the board meeting following the 2022 annual member meeting, the Agtegra Board of Directors held its annual organization meeting and elected the following directors as officers:
▪ President – Rick Osterday, Java, SD
▪ First Vice President – Glen Crawford, Aberdeen, SD
▪ Second Vice President – Matt Johnson, Webster, SD
▪ Secretary – Steve Halverson, Pierre, SD

Agtegra Cooperative is headquartered in Aberdeen, SD, and is one of the nation’s largest locally owned agricultural cooperatives. It is owned by over 6,800 farmers and ranchers, predominantly in North and South Dakota, with a network of over 70 locations and 850 employees.

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