AGP Gearing Up For New Crop Soybeans

Sep 16, 2019

Just weeks after its July grand opening, Ag Processing, Inc. (AGP) is crushing old crop soybeans as the region gears up for fall harvest. Agtegra Soybean Merchandiser John Borchers says a lot of grain is being hauled to the plant as producers clean out bins in preparation for combining new crop soybeans.  
This facility is a game changer in terms of demand and soybean commodity flows within the region,” says Borchers. The $300 million facility will process over 50 million bushels of soybeans annually.  
"A direct AGP Aberdeen delivery bid is kept updated on the Agtegra web site bid sheet. “Working through our grain originators, our members can sell and deliver to AGP similar to how they work with other Agtegra locations,” says Borchers.
However, AGP deliveries are streamlined more effectively by using the AGP Fast Lane app, says Agtegra Producer Marketing Manager Travis Antonsen. “By downloading and activating the app, you’re in the system and the necessary information and bill of lading is shared between the scale house and customer,” says Antonsen. “We can’t stress enough how using it just gets you through the scale process more rapidly.”
The app will also record the previous load that was hauled in the truck’s grain hopper trailer, as required by AGP to be in compliance with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA). “That’s a very key piece of information that is made easier by using the app,” says Antonsen.
Borchers counsels truckers to have a little bit of patience, as the plant becomes fully operational this first harvest. “There’s always a little trial and error at first with delivery and unloading, even in a multi-million dollar facility like this,” says Borchers.
Local bids have been positively impacted by the plant, in a marketplace that could use some good news about pricing, notes Borchers.  “In a year like this, when we have a trade war going on with China, our biggest bean customer, having a plant like this is going to help from a demand standpoint,” says Borchers. “Proximity to the plant plays a role in pricing. However, adding value to soybeans through processing and the subsequent byproduct development for livestock producers are system-wide benefits across our trade territory.”

Borchers urges growers to contact your Agtegra team of grain originators for more information or with any questions, about marketing through AGP. “We want to do all we can to help you capture value,” says Borchers.


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