Apr 15, 2020

Over the past few weeks, it’s become obvious which careers are considered essential by worldwide communities.  Agtegra Cooperative employs nearly 900+ individuals within 50+ communities throughout North and South Dakota.  These essential positions range from Truck Drivers to Accountants with many roles in-between and within the month, our group of interns will be joining the team.
Here’s why Agtegra invests in a quality internship program:
  • As students enter the job market, what does nearly every employer consider?  Experience!  The Ag world especially relies on the experience students gain through exposure to farming and ranching.  A hands-on internship can take a top-notch welding student and teach them how to apply those trade skills onto bin maintenance.  Add that experience to a resume and the student will be sure to impress hiring managers in their industry.
  • Career opportunities in rural communities come far and few in between.  At Agtegra, we understand the economic benefit of employing young talent in these areas.  But, most importantly, this is where students learn untold life skills and begin to understand the value of relationships.  In agriculture, you need to know how to work well with all sorts of people and recognize how everyone’s role in food production contributes to the end goal.
  • Let’s be honest – for agronomy, we’ve got a massive amount of work to be done in the spring and we need the extra help.  Interns are the most coachable group of employees to have during the busy season.  They’re quick to adapt to technology and are willing to try new things.  With some training, we can have interns ready to drive water truck, ready to scout crops and available to move chemical.
As you visit your coop this spring, you may see an unfamiliar face as you’re grabbing product on the run – this person could likely be part of our internship program!  We encourage you to be gracious in their learning process, know that they’ve been carefully trained and be proud that the student has enough faith in agriculture to pursue this career path during some difficult times.
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