Jun 15, 2020

With seasons changing and temperatures climbing, now is the time to be monitoring the grain quality in your bins at home. Don’t keep yourself guessing—ask a Grain Marketing Specialist about getting your grain bins tested today! It pays to know what you have inside. Our Bin Probe Truck has been active this spring, and results have come back mixed. While some bins are doing great throughout the changing of the seasons, others are failing to keep grain in condition.
The 2019 harvest came with significant challenges that have overflowed into 2020. We have seen issues ranging from overheating and high rates of heat damage to diseases like blue-eyed mold in corn. These can create problems when the time comes for that grain to be loaded on a truck, such as poor air quality and bridging of grain inside the bin.  
Entering a grain bin is one of the most dangerous things you can do, and yet sometimes it is necessary. Do not sacrifice safety for progress—we have the tools you need. Agtegra’s Bin Entry Kits come with highest-quality safety equipment—including a harness, strap, and rope, among other items. They are available for purchase to Agtegra Coop members at cost.

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Jun 13, 2024
Agtegra Cooperative is pleased to announce Jerad Appel as its VP of Energy Operations. Jerad has been involved in the energy business since 2008 and joined the Agtegra team in 2020 where he has served as an Energy Specialist and, most recently, Energy Sales Manager.
May 23, 2024
Agtegra Cooperative has announced donations to over 200 4-H and FFA programs in North Dakota and South Dakota this year. These donations are a part of the cooperative’s agricultural education community impact strategy.
May 17, 2024
Agtegra Cooperative is pleased to announce and welcome Melissa Dykema as its new VP of Marketing and Communications, effective June 10, 2024.