Expanding Agtegra's Footprint

May 10, 2023

Located just a few miles off I-29, Agtegra’s Colman location has become the eastern-most location in Agtegra territory. Formerly known as Landis Ag, the location joined Agtegra in September 2022.

“Agtegra was already providing some technology services to customers in the Colman area,” said Jason Klootwyk, Agtegra CEO. “This acquisition gives us the opportunity to bring the full measure of our offerings to those customers. It also provides a point for future growth, and we are honored to do it with the Landis family. They serviced the area for many years, and it’s great to have them on the team as we move ahead.”

The location, managed by Jason Landis, is one that has been in the Landis family since it was started in 1990. Jason and his brother, Justin, the location’s sales agronomist, started working for the business at a young age as they followed in the footsteps of their dad, Robert, who owned the business.

“Our dad started Landis Ag by selling chemical out of the back of his pickup,” Justin said.

Throughout high school, the pair of brothers could be found helping their dad or area farmers. Jason later graduated from Willmar Technical College with a degree in agricultural business, while Justin pursued agronomy classes and a degree in recreation at South Dakota State University while also playing football for the Jackrabbits.

After college, they both joined their dad full time at Landis Ag, and in 2022, Robert retired from the business after serving the Colman community’s agronomy needs for over 30 years.

“I had always wanted to work with my father after I graduated,” said Jason. “I’m grateful for the 30 years we got to work alongside each other.”

Upgrading the business

Over the years, many changes were made to the family business. In 1995, Robert bought the company’s first sprayer. A few years later, he bought a fertilizer plant from Cargill. As time marched on, Landis Ag continued to find new opportunities to grow and increase their equipment inventory to help them better serve their customers.

Today, the location includes an office building, which was built in 2012, a shop, a chemical shed and the fertilizer plant. The shop and chemical shed were originally built on Main Street in Colman but were later moved out to their current location just outside of town after being purchased in the late 90s.

Jason and Justin are looking forward to construction projects that are in the works, including bulk liquid fertilizer storage, bulk chemical storage and a bulk seed system, which will include two seed tanks and a treater.

Joining the Agtegra team

Location upgrades are not the only business opportunities the Landis brothers are excited about. Joining the Agtegra team has created opportunities for both them and their customers as their portfolio of products and services have expanded to include Agtegra’s wide array of offerings.

“We’re really looking forward to being able to offer more rewards to our customers,” said Justin. “Agtegra’s financing options and sales programs are exciting opportunities for our customers too.”

Their transition to becoming an Agtegra location has allowed them to meet several of their new Agtegra co-workers from across the region as they start implementing the cooperative’s systems and procedures.

“The people we work with at Agtegra are what I’m really looking forward to as a member of their team,” said Jason. “We think it’s really going to grow from here.”

Upholding strong community values

Agtegra’s value of local is reflected in the location’s emphasis on supporting the community. Through their business, they have supported their local school, FFA chapter, 4-H groups, fire department, churches, local athletic teams and other city organizations. Since joining Agtegra, they have already donated bottled water to events held at the school.

Additionally, Jason, Justin and two more of the location’s employees, Jess Berg and Alec Landis, all serve on Colman Volunteer Fire & Rescue. Jason has been the fire chief for 13 years and a firefighter for 26, and Justin has served for 15.

From long-standing community support to their strong background in the industry, the Landis family has built a strong foundation for their location as they continue to serve the Colman community as Agtegra.

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