Nov 12, 2019

Agtegra has a spectrum of financing options that can empower growers with choices for best managing cash flow and capital needs of their farming operations. These customized financial products have key terms and conditions aligned with the seasonal needs of Agtegra customers.  

Agtegra Loan Account Manager Tanner Baird says the broad array of offerings help deliver farm plan goals. “From our agronomists to our technicians in the Innovation Center to our loan specialists here in our financing department, we have a strong team wanting to help growers,” says Baird. “Our goal is to help them get the funds they need for cash flow, and ultimately for the products, inputs and services necessary to get crops in and out of the ground.

Agtegra has in-house loan options, for crop inputs and operating lines. While they are funded and managed by your cooperative, they are not intended as competition with the local bank. “They are operated as another option for our growers,” says Baird. “For us, what’s most important is that we get customers access to financing that works best for them, whether it’s through us, the bank, or other forms.”

Third party loans, like Winfield Secure, CFA (Cooperative Finance Association), and John Deere Financial (JDF) have become increasingly important financial resources for customers. They are all financed by the parent company/cooperative, but Agtegra administers and processes the loan applications.
There is value in these loans for Agtegra, notes Baird. “Besides being a very good option for customers through competitive terms, they help the cooperative in terms of reducing some of our own risk,” says Baird. “Our balance sheet benefits from a seasonal cash flow perspective, with these third parties advancing the dollars for inputs.”  
JDF is one that has become an integral third-party option, strongly utilized by many customers, and with good reason says Accounts Receivable Manager Amber Schaffer.
Using the JDF ‘special terms’ line, many Agtegra seed technology and crop protection products can be booked on pre-pay contracts now underway, locking in favorable rates over in-season purchases.  “Their rates can be highly competitive, with most of the ones we use at 0-5% interest. That provides some flexibility on your operating line, for instance, if it’s higher in interest. We want to do all we can from our side, to help customers get the best bang for the buck,” says Schaffer.
Some of the programs, notes Schaffer, have been specifically developed for Agtegra customers, with lower minimum purchase requirements in some cases and rates that have been set to provide some competitive cushioning, even as other credit sources have been tightening up lending dollars.
With JDF special term loans not coming due until the following harvest, Schaffer recommends visiting with your local Agtegra agronomist as you develop your farm plan. “Together, with the various financial programs and offerings, we can come up with some pretty good options for our customers,” says Schaffer.
One other program to note is Acres Ahead. On its second full season, it is another Agtegra-based agronomy program that finances and maximizes input purchases and technology products and services. “We’ve seen a lot of growers take advantage of the flexible options that are offered through Acres Ahead,” says Baird.
Baird notes these are just a few of the financing programs offered through Agtegra. For further details, contact your Agtegra agronomist or Agtegra finance team member. “Mostly we know these are some challenging times. There’s some good yield potential out there, but we know our growers have fought a season-long battle around this weather,” says Baird. “Financing can be a difficult subject. But we know our best asset is our customer’s ability to get out there and farm, and that’s what we want provide with the right finance options for your operation.” 

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