Hear how Chris Pearson, CEO of Agtegra, is thinking about the future of broadband

May 17, 2022

Q: What are some of the trends you’re seeing in farming?

A: Farming continues to evolve as consumer expectations, weather, political landscape, and technology change.  At Agtegra, we are integrating state-of-the-art farming technology for our member-owners. Technology plays a big role on today’s farm.  Agtegra does a lot of work with variable rate fertilizer application, seeding, GPS guidance and autonomous vehicles. We’re excited to be a leader in relevant ag technology in our market.

Q: Let’s talk about Aberdeen.  What are you excited about that’s happening in the local community?

A: Agtegra is a proud member-owner of Land O’Lakes, Inc., and I am really excited about the recent partnership they announced with The Center on Rural Innovation (CORI) to launch the first American Connection Community, a broadband infrastructure program, in Aberdeen.  We see this as a fundamental way to help link our farmers to the future of agriculture, while creating new jobs and business opportunities for communities in our trade area.  This is great for rural development.

Q: How will a strong broadband infrastructure benefit our local community and farmers? 

A: It’s important to farmers that rural towns thrive with quality health services, a strong economy, and access to technology.  Farmers depend on, in an extended way, their communities being relevant.  This investment in the Aberdeen area will help advance our efforts to bring innovation and vitality to our communities.

To learn more about Innovation at Agtegra, visit www.agtegra.com.To learn more about the Land O’Lakes and CORI partnership, visit www.landolakesinc.com.

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