Leola Feed Mill

Jul 02, 2021

At Agtegra Cooperative, we are devoted to owning and maintaining excellent facilities to provide our customers with efficient and safe services to help them succeed.

Agtegra takes pride in the 50+ communities that we serve and feel responsible for ensuring those communities have well-maintained, productive, and safe places for community members, growers, employees, and their families.

That means that where we have facilities that are aging, obsolete, unsafe, or underutilized, we need to make decisions about how to best manage and handle them.  Some of the decisions this year involve some of our Leola assets.

Our Leola assets can be divided into 4 categories.  Here is an update on each one:
  1. Feed Mill
    1. This will be demolished and removed.  The lot will be cleaned up and left empty for now.
    2. 2 external hopper bins to house bulk feed will be installed.
    3. Distribution and delivery of feed to our customers will now come from our Herreid, Huron, and Ipswich locations. Customers will not be charged for additional trucking miles. Trucking charges will continue to be out of Leola.
  2. Grain Elevator
    1. We are doing repairs and equipment replacement in the grain elevator and will be evaluating the use of the facility for some feed handling going forward.
  3. Service Station
    1. We are installing new fuel pumps.
    2. This past year we remodeled the exterior.
    3. Replaced the tire balancer.
  4. Refined Fuels Bulk Plant
    1. Security Fence Installed
    2. Painted the storage tanks.
These changes at the feed mill will not affect our ability to provide great service and will allow us to continue to serve our patrons in and around Leola while being a good corporate citizen to the city and the residents of the area.  When completed, the lots will be cleaned and graded, they will look nice, and we will have removed some very aged assets from the city.
Agtegra is proud to be in the Leola community and we look forward to serving you in the future!   
If you have questions or concerns on this change, please contact Leola Location Manager, Richard Reis at Richard.Reis@agtegra.com or 605-843-1339.

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