MZB Analytics: Proving What Pays

Jan 16, 2023

In a world of ever-changing technology, it can be hard to keep track of every platform available. While making changes to what already works on your operation may seem intimidating, in the end, most emerging technologies have one goal in mind: to improve your bottom line. MZB Analytics is one of those programs that was created to provide Agtegra farmers with the data they need to make more informed field management decisions.

What is MZB Analytics?
Launched during the 2022 crop season, MZB Analytics provides Agtegra farmers a new way to look at their agronomic and economic data in easy-to-read reports and dashboards. Because data comes from your local field information, the platform makes it easy to visually identify any nutrition, seed and crop protection issues present in the field.

Premier Crop Systems powers Agtegra’s MZB Analytics platform. Kevin Kruize, Strategic Account Manager for Premier Crop Systems, explains the importance of the program’s use of localized data.

"MZB Analytics believes agronomy is local, and you can't get more local than a farmer’s field," Kruize said.

Worth the investment
Any good business decision comes with analyzing its profit potential. Kruize addresses why MZB Analytics’ features make the platform worth the investment.

"Many farmers today have a piece or multiple pieces of equipment that collect data across their acres,” Kruize said. “These tools are allowing every farmer to build their own local agronomic story, which is a key driver in future profitability and a reason why every grower should consider MZB Analytics."

One of the program’s key features includes its ability to benchmark field profitability. Farmers can quickly see what fields and crops are most profitable across the entire operation and can determine how inputs could be adjusted to generate a higher profit. Another critical feature of the platform includes the ability to understand product performance. MZB Analytics can utilize data to compare products on a deeper level by comparing the yield to the treatment area.

Out with the old, in with the new
Unlike other technology, Agtegra farmers are not left to their own devices to implement and understand the data collected by MZB Analytics. An Agtegra Ag Technology Specialist makes the entire process seamless by assisting with everything from set-up to organizing and understanding the data. Additionally, specialists collaborate with farmers throughout the season to ensure farmers are receiving an accurate analysis of their fields year-round.

Already use MZB platforms? MZB Analytics is geared to work for farmers at every stage of the MZB journey. Whether you have been mapping MZB zones for years or are just looking to get started, the program focuses on taking the complexity out of the data.

Regardless of where you are in the ag technology game, consider adding MZB Analytics to your toolbox to maximize your profitability on every acre.

Want to learn more? Watch our YouTube video on MZB Analytics here:

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