Safety at Agtegra: Understanding the HPE Campaign

Nov 28, 2022

At Agtegra, safety is always a top priority. With an entire division dedicated to ensuring a safe workplace for both employees and our customers, our team is always brainstorming new strategies to address potential hazards before they become an immediate danger. 

Since earlier this year, the term “High Potential for Exposure” (HPE) has been used in reference to areas at our locations that could result in a severe incident or injury if an accident would occur. To help raise awareness and reduce the potential for an incident in HPE areas, Agtegra’s safety team has begun implementing a new campaign at each location.

“‘High Potential for Exposure’ (HPE) has become especially important as we look at additional ways to reduce risk around areas that have the highest potential for a significant injury,” said Beth Locken, Director of Safety and Environmental. “By continually having conversations and raising awareness in these areas, we are able to have more employees involved in identifying ways to prevent a significant injury and maintain a healthy work environment.”

To aid in identifying HPE areas, the safety division identified six specific topics to focus on throughout the fiscal year. These topics include defensive driving, hazardous energy, liquified gas, mobile equipment, slips, trips and falls and working from height. Each topic is highlighted for two months at a time, which was kickstarted in August with defensive driving.

One of the first steps in the campaign included distributing posters and stickers on each of the HPE topics to the locations. The stickers, in the shape of badges, are placed near areas where the topic is of concern. For example, entrances to warehouses might include the mobile equipment badge so that everyone is aware to watch for forklifts once they walk inside. 

“The visual reminders help generate conversations about potential hazards and prevention measures – all of which customers can implement at home,” said Locken. “As more people are talking about these topics, more ideas will be populated of what can be done to help keep our employees and customers safe.”
But the campaign doesn’t stop at placing badges and posters around HPE areas at locations. For each bimonthly topic, each location/division is also given a bingo card. Each square of the card includes an action item. Once an employee has completed that action item and documented it, the location can mark off the square as completed. Locations/divisions that complete a “bingo” or “blackout” within the two-month period will receive a large topic badge to display at their location in addition to prizes for the employees such as hats and phone battery packs.

By August 2023, locations that complete all 6 bingo cards, either in the form of “bingos” or “blackouts,” will receive extra incentives.

The HPE campaign is just one way that Agtegra continues to create a culture of safety for its employees and customers.

“Enhancing a culture of safety is vital to Agtegra’s employees, customers and communities because it empowers employees, improves communication and promotes operational efficiencies by reducing down time created by incidents,” said Locken. “We owe it to our employees and customers to provide a safe working environment where employees want to come to work every day and a partner who customers want to conduct business with. By enhancing a culture of safety, we are laying the foundation for building a better business.”

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