Save on mineral tubs this fall

Sep 08, 2021

Save on mineral tubs this fall
For many herds, the fall season brings the stress of weaning. However, calf stress can be eliminated with Purina® Stress Tubs. This highly palatable supplement provides the nutrients needed for a fully functioning immune system, which deters calves from getting sick. Additionally, this immune system support allows them to start eating feed faster and respond quickly to vaccination programs.

Putting stress tubs out prior to weaning helps familiarize calves before the onset of stress. As calves enter their weaning pens, they will be more likely to quickly return to the tubs if already accustomed to the tasty treat inside.

As summer transitions into fall, pasture quality can become a concern. Forages mature and lose nutrients, especially protein, over time. When protein or other nutrient requirements are not met in the diet, cattle can quickly lose body condition, which can negatively impact both the cow and her calf. A protein supplement such as Purina® RangeLand® 30-13 tubs can fill this forage nutrient gap during the late summer and early fall months and help cattle stay in ideal condition before winter hits.

Mineral tub savings
With our fall mineral promotions, there has never been a better time to save on supplements such as RangeLand 30-13 or stress tubs.

Have old feed tubs collecting dust in the corner of your shop? Bring them to your Agtegra location by September 30 and receive a $2 discount on a new tub for every tub returned through our feed tub recycling sale!* Along with its partners, Purina will recycle these tubs into park benches. Last year, Agtegra customers donated and recycled over 11,500 benches!

2021 also marks the first year Agtegra customers can save on mineral through the Triple Play offer. By purchasing at least 100 acres of agronomy inputs, feed customers can receive a $40 per ton discount on bagged mineral or a $20 per ton discount on mineral tubs.

With multiple discounts available, booking mineral tubs now has never been easier. Contact your Agtegra feed location today for more information on our mineral savings.

*Recycling program details: Maximum discount of $10 per tub. (Five returned tubs per one purchased tubs). Same day purchase or booking required to qualify for discount. All returned tubs must be empty and clean. Booked tubs must be picked up by December 31, 2021.

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