Warner In-Town Assets

Jul 22, 2021

At Agtegra Cooperative, we are devoted to owning and maintaining excellent facilities to provide our customers with efficient and safe services to help them succeed.  Agtegra takes pride in the 50+ communities that we serve and feel responsible for ensuring those communities have well-maintained, productive, and safe places for community members, growers, employees, and their families.  That means that where we have facilities that are aging, obsolete, unsafe, or unused, we need to make decisions about how to best handle them.  Some of the decisions this year involve some of our “Warner in-town” assets.
Our Warner in-town assets can be divided into 6 categories/locations.  Here is an update on each one:
  1. Steel grain bins west of 387th Ave – These will be demolished and removed.  The lot will be cleaned up and left empty for now.  The small cone-bottom tanks south of the bins will be moved as well.
  2. Woodhouse elevator, steel bins, and grain dryer east of 387th Ave. – The woodhouse elevator, bins, and dryer will be demolished and removed.  The site will be cleaned up and maintained.
  3. Feed and Misc. warehouses east of 387th (south of the woodhouse elevator) – These warehouses will be left intact for now as we decide whether we should use them for storage or sell them. 
  4. Cardtrol site on the corner of 387th and Main – We just made significant upgrades to the cardtrol and this will stay in operation as-is. 
  5. Fertilizer plant west of town on 142nd Ave. – The fertilizer plant will be torn down and the lot will be cleaned up and maintained.
  6. Petroleum bulk plant north of the fertilizer plant – This bulk plant is used extensively by our Energy Division and will be left in operation. 
These changes should not affect our ability to serve the customers in and around Warner.  The elevators have taken very little grain for many years and we can service that demand at the West Warner facility.  The feed and any other products now being sold from the warehouses will also be moved to West Warner and will be available, there.  The fertilizer plant is small and slow and there is no way to upgrade it in a cost-effective manner.  Over the next few months, we will be shifting our fertilizer business to newer facilities located in Mellette, Craven, and Bath.
Warner West is a nice facility and sits along Highway 281 with easy access and modern equipment.  We are continuing to invest in this location to better serve our customers.
These changes will allow us to continue to serve our patrons in and around Warner and to be a good corporate citizen to the city and the residents of Warner.  When completed, the lots will be clean, they will look nice, and we will have removed some aging assets from the city.
Agtegra is proud to be in the Warner community and we look forward to serving you in the future!   
If you have questions or concerns on this change, please contact Warner Location Manager, Brent Neys.

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